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How to Give The Perfect Sales Product Demo - SalesChakra

This eBook aims at giving you a rundown of points that will show you exactly how to prepare and deliver a product demo and also take important steps that come later in the process.

Sales metrics twt article

Sales Metrics 101: How Numbers Affect Your Sales

Did you know that about 88% of sales managers believe it is important that they are provided with timely and accurate sales performance metrics? The numbers help them in making better decisions and formulating effective strategies in the future. Yes - numbers affect your sales and how:

Sales demo twt article

What To Do Before, During & After A Sales Demo

A sales demo should flow seamlessly – without boring the prospects. It should have laser-focused points of discussion, an interesting pitch filled with anecdotes and an engaging Q&A session, followed up with an after-sales demo strategy. Read more:

B2b product demo twt article

How To Create A B2B Product Demo

Since the purpose of a sales demo is industry and client specific, it is important to be completely aware of their business vision and the challenges they are facing. Here are tips to create a B2B product demo:

Successful sales rep twt article

5 Habits of a Highly Successful Sales Rep

Did you know that only 10% of sales reps are high performing and precisely 2/3rd of reps fail to achieve their yearly targets? While the numbers might send your thoughts in a tizzy, the question that needs an answer to here is “what makes some of the sales reps perform so efficiently, while the others struggle their way through?”
Well, here are 5 habits that a highly successful sales rep follows ‘always’:

Product demo twt article

How to Make Your Product Demo Customer Oriented

To identify and rectify that disconnect, here are some points a salesperson must keep in mind to give a winning product demo:

Sales productivity 7 ways article

Sales Productivity: 7 Ways To Improve Sales Rep Activity Levels

Mentioned below are 7 ways to help the sales reps extract the best out of them:

Sales productivity tools blog art article

The Ultimate List Of Sales Productivity Tools You Need

If you’re setting up a sales team for the first time or re-organizing it, then a news sales hire must have access to sales tools, that aren’t just affordable but also fit for all businesses sizes and teams, from Day 1:

Crm for small business blog art article

CRM For Small Business: 5 Smart CRM Features Every Small Business Must Use

A CRM system can help small business owners in centralizing and streamlining all their tasks.
Here’s how:

Coaching sales reps all article

Coaching sales reps: What they really want from managers

Sales reps have their sole aspirations and expectations from their bosses to keep up with too! But what is it that each of them expect from the other? How can they really meet each other midway to work efficiently?