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Why Apple Needs To Adapt To Progressive Web Technologies

Hot tip: Skip making mobile apps, convert your mobile website into a PWA. And that goes out to Apple as well. Here's why:

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Why Shopify Users Should Adopt The Web Push Strategy Sooner Rather Than Later

According to, the B2C eCommerce sales are expected to touch $1.5 trillion by 2018 globally! Since we are just 8 months away from entering 2018, we can’t help but be awed with the magnitude of the eCommerce industry. Needless to say, the future of eCommerce is shining bright!

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The Ultimate Growth Hack For Sales: Using Referral Marketing And Web Push Notifications

Just imagine: if your customer doesn’t have nice things or doesn’t remember to say nice things about you (despite good intentions), none of your referral strategies would work! So yes – running referral campaigns really are a cost-effective way of driving more business and regaining new customers; but first, be smart in your approach.

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Why Apple Needs To Adapt To Progressive Web Technologies ...

Implementing a push strategy is expected to capture your target customers’ attention, to engage with them in the right way and to accelerate the conversion process – all without being too intrusive or spamming their inboxes.

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The Fastest Growing Customer Engagement Channel For Businesses Today – Web Push Notifications

If web push is used in the right way, it can help the brands to stay right at the top of the customer’s mind. In fact, web push notifications receive a higher opt-in rate than emails – and we can prove that to you. Moving on, the following are top eight ways through which push messages engage consumers rather cleverly:

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Wigzo Announces The Launch Of Its New Push Technology "Beam ...

We, at Wigzo, are proud to announce the launch of our new push technology called Beam. Read the complete story here:

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Boost Your Customer Engagement Rate With Web Push Notifications

Results can be effective if push notifications are used by the business. Learn ways to engage the consumers of your market and turn them into customers:

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Measure The Success Rate Of Your Web Push Notifications Using ...

How is it possible to calculate the effectiveness or success of your web push strategy? By relying on 9 simple metrics: